However long we’ve been Christians, we all have areas of our lives that need transforming

Some of us lean towards anger or impatience, others toward jealousy or discontent.  In different ways all of us harbour pride in our hearts.  Yet God declares he will not leave us this way. 

But how does this process of change actually work?

In March and April 2020 we’re running a special course working through 5-sessions of the ‘Real Change’ material.  Real Change has been put together by some wonderfully godly people and is a course for anyone who wants to find out how the gospel changes us from the inside out and is ideal for everyone who wants to be more like Jesus. 

There will be central sessions over 5- weeks that aim to encourage a process of change that will, for all of us, continue until Jesus returns or call us home. These will all be held in the church building and will be very informal with a mix of Bible teaching, discussion and refreshments.  One of the real joys will be in each of us taking part in a personal change project that we pray will be exciting, useful and thoroughly biblically based.

The programme begins in the evening on Wednesday 4th March, and will be repeated in the morning on Friday 6th March and the afternoon on Monday 9th March. The Friday morning session will have a creche available for pre-school children.

Central sessions @ St Thomas’ Church (please choose & commit to one]:


4th March
11th March
18th March
25th March
1st April


6th March
13th March
20th March
27th March
3rd April


9th March
16th March
23rd March
30th March
20th April

There’s no need to book and it’s completely free – just come along to whichever one works best for you!  Do look out for the information cards and posters, or speak to Tom Brown if you’d like more details.

We’re really excited by the way this course will be so helpful for the whole church family.  Please do join us in praying that the Lord would really encourage us as we see his grace at work to make us more like Jesus over the weeks to come. 

You can also find out more online at

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